About Us

About Us... it's not about us. It's about you. Without you, our customer, we would not exist. Our customer is our greatest asset. Everything we do is to delight our customers. We know the number one reason you are here is for information. So here is some information to help you decide if we are the right store for you.

Why We are Different

Our employees are committed to serving you. During our business hours our employees work non-stop just like they are the owners. Their work ethic is second to none. They are always doing something productive to enhance the customer experience. If they are at their computers it is to seek information only, and not because they are passing time playing computer games. You can expect that when we come to work, we expect to work!

Our management is top notch. The owners expect the best from their management team. Management oftentimes will join their staff in lifting and lugging furniture around the store. It's not uncommon for a salesman or a manager to be seen carrying merchandise for a customer to load in their vehicle. The managers on duty at each store are veterans in the furniture business and have seen and contributed to the transformation of our stores into a new genre of furniture shopping. They have all been through rigorous training and have attended numerous home furnishings shows, as well as shopped other stores all over the country to be knowledgeable in the furniture industry. They have sacrificed many hours of sleep to make this their career over the years. Our managers and employees have also been exposed to several world-renowned speakers who have come to our stores to do private seminars throughout the years on topics ranging from personal goals and dreams; selling honestly and ethically; and creating success in all areas of one’s life. Together, our managers are creating a paradigm shift in the retail industry. All of this helps us make our stores a three dimensional living magazine with the manager being the human voice that can guide you. They or their salesmen will expertly guide you in creatively expressing your individuality and values, and in actualizing your sacred space you call home.

We offer more value than our competitors. We believe that furniture shopping in this century needs to have an added entertainment factor. We feel that we are doing a service to the industry and our customers by putting on a show daily from opening to closing. Our “show” is the no-negativitypositive environment; the music; the lit scented candles; the free candy, cookies, water and coffee; the cleanliness; and the complete attention we give to making sure every display looks like a picture in a magazine. You will see smiling customers walking around our showrooms who know they have stepped into a different kind of furniture shopping experience. Browse our stunning showrooms and you will see and feel the difference. Maybe “shoppertainment” or “furnituretainment” are new words that could be used to describe us.

We are a specialty lifestyle furnishings retailer. We sell modern and vintage looks that are decorated in an eclectic way. We focus on adding as many art and accessory pieces as we can fit in our store. Our store mimics the feel of a street market in New York City or Paris. Around every corner there is inspiration and unique finds. Our purpose is to inspire you to live well.

This is no ordinary furniture store. Once you walk in our store you will immediately notice that there is no comparison to our store and other boring furniture stores you have always experienced. We are in a different category.

written-in-stoneNothing is written in stone. You will always get a deal. We have frequent sales on all the current styles. If something isn't on sale and you are buying more than one piece, our managers have the authority to make instant group price reductions. We are always looking for a way to help you get the furniture you want at the price you can afford. We believe everyone, regardless of income, should be welcome at an amazing place to shop for furniture and be able to beautify their home on a budget.

Our merchandise is abundant and globally inspired. We differentiate ourselves and stay ahead of the competition by sourcing and shopping for the latest trends in merchandise from all over the world. We have hundreds of living room, dining room, and bedroom styles; as well as accessories and wall art to choose from. In our store you will find an extensive collection of catalogs to order from at a discount as well. We often have new merchandise being unloaded and unboxed while you are shopping. Most of it is a welcome new surprise to our employees. Much of our upholstery and bedding is built in the USA, but many of our exotic accessories and art are bought from places all over the world. Our purchases positively impact the local artisan’s communities in these countries. We are committed to balancing between making a positive impact on the world, supporting the USA's economy, and giving our customers the most complete and unique shopping experience.

leafWe are committed to reducing our environmental footprint. We sell furniture made from reclaimed wood and recycled iron. We also use low energy CFL bulbs in all of our lamps and in many other store fixtures. Customers often receive free CFL bulbs when they buy lamps directly off our showroom floor.

Our Floor Model + More Sale is always on. This is our never-ending sale. Since we strive to keep new merchandise flowing into our stores, each day we have an abundance of items that instantly become sale items due to the need to create a spot for a newer item.

We have a positive impact on the community we serve. We provide jobs and invest in our employees’ continued learning through seminars, meetings, and a cultural environment that promotes continued education in all areas of their lives - no matter what their age. We strive to produce a valuable product to our customers, which in turn drives the circulation of money into the local economy. Our unique inventory brings money from other cities and regions to be spent here. There is no better charity we can offer to the community than being an example of a hard-working and committed-to-greatness company. We have built a fortress for the community that provides character-building jobs, educates people, lightens our shopper’s days, sells affordable furniture to those on a budget, and turns a building or area that would have been forgotten into a sort of street market treasure hunt. Innovation positively affects our people and customers. The more independent businesses that choose to follow our lead and do what we do, the better the economy will get.

We have an outstanding delivery service. Same day deliveries? In some instances, yes. We don't make false big claims. Same day delivery is offered by many companies, but often it turns out to be manipulated information or a sales trick. By the time you are paying you might find out the merchandise is not all in stock. With these stores, sometimes you may get it faster but it's not exactly what you wanted. Giant, big box stores are notorious for same day ‘grab and go’ merchandise that needs to be replaced the following year because it is low quality or because it exudes cheapness and is hard to look at. It’s easy to stock and deliver mass-made, boring merchandise and to let only sales numbers drive your business. Instead, we let our always-changing inventory and our inspiring, one-of-a-kind, can’t-find-it-anywhere-else pieces drive our business. Our delivery service is very transparent. We tell you what we can and can’t do upfront. Our delivery team is made up of professional, respectful, and hard-working family men who will do their best to deliver your new furniture in a timely manner and with care.

We value your time. Shopping here is fast, easy, and friendly. We offer unique styles, a great selection, and prices to meet any budget. It may take you days to notice everything in our stores, but we will get you done in 30 minutes or less if that's what you need.

We want to be the most entertaining store in the furniture business. We hope your shopping experience with us is entertaining, informative, and inspiring. If you're deciding where to shop today, walk in any other store in the nation that sells furniture (yes, we believe we are the best in the USA), and take a mental or camera picture. Then walk in ours and do the same. Which store looks vibrant and inspiring? You can tell a lot about the owners by the employee’s attitudes and the attention to details (clean restrooms, clean showrooms, inspiring displays, optimistic people). Thousands of customers tell us why they like us better. We want you to see for yourself. Seeing is believing.